Information for Monday (TOMORROW)

The email system that we use seems to be failing today, so emails that I sent a few hours ago, have not been delivered. Here are the most important details: All students report to the band room at 5pm wearing your Into the Light show shirts. There will be a winter guard meeting at that time with Adam and he will be revealing the theme for the upcoming show. At the same time, everyone else will be setting up for a stand still performance in the FC gym. This is the only option for the location (long story). All will perform, however the color guard will sit and look pretty after part 1. There is just not enough space to do the flag and weapon work in that gym. All parents are welcome to watch. This is to be a surprise to the school board, so keep this a secret. Dr. Robison is going to surprise them by introducing us at exactly 6:05pm. We are using no props.


Light rehearsals from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday this week.